Downhill - Zorbing

You - also called "Zorbonaut" in the following, will be harnessed into the inside of the Zorb before you take off and roll head over heels down the hill. For only seconds at a time you will see grass and blue skies in turn. The most recent world record is for 58.1 km/h and took place in Brighton, England in Spring 1999 for the Guinness World of Records Show. Only the zorbs here don't roll this fast. Only a select few would dare to get in to "roll" downhill at this speed! Before the start, we still hear a lot of: "aren't we going further?" or "can't we go right to the top?", but then afterwards a unanimous: "you were right, it was far enough!" One thing you shouldn't forget - due to the size of the Zorb - you rotate twice as fast on the inside as it appears from the outside!

And after the ride, the Zorbonauts who arrived safely at the bottom said:

  • "Great - you should try it. Something completely different"
  • "simply wicked"
  • "Great it's a super feeling"

Hydro Zorbing - Try the "Wash Cycle"

You, the Zorb, no harnesses and a bucket of water in the Zorb. The surface gets slippy and you "surf" (so-to-speak) your way down the hill. Here there's not just one type of fun!

  • Are you the cautious type? Then just sit down and surf the whole way down.
  • Are you crazy? Run, walk, do somersaults, dive but don't forget to close your mouth!
  • Do you have a hangover? Then we'll use extra cold mountain water - and you will arrive at the bottom with a clear head (possibly?)
  • Are you a hero? Then take the Hydro-Zorb Challenge: run the whole way from top to bottom on the inside of the wet Zorb and win a free Zorb T-shirt
  • Do you want to get to know someone? Try it in twos in the Hydro Zorb - a unique experience!

This is how our Hydro Riders felt:

  • 'The best fun I've had! Love it wet!'
  • "Really cool - I'll do it again!"
  • "Great!"
  • "A mix between a waterfall and water slide!"